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The answer was yes, and with that, the preparations for an unforgettable wedding can begin. This requires a lot of time, attention and love. We are happy to support you throughout the entire process to make sure you have all the time you deserve to enjoy this special period. Making your vision our cornerstone, we support you in choosing a suitable location, advise on food and drinks, book DJs and artists, discuss decoration and flowers and look for a fitting photographer and videographer. We are fully committed to making the wedding of your dreams a reality.

Down to the finest detail

To refine your wedding down the the very last detail, we are constantly looking for the perfect person for each detail. Because of our in-house recruitment agency for service employees, we always have a specialist prepared to cater to your every possible need. From bistro kitchen to Michelin star chefs, from string quartets to jazz trios; everything is possible and made-to-measure.

Always in good hands

To fully streamline every moment of the wedding, we are working with Fabienne Schnabel. Together with Camiel (founder of C-Forward), she will be present at your wedding to guarantee that everything goes off without a hitch. All you will have to do is savor the moment.